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Friday, 12 June 2015

Session two

In today's Musical Theatre session we began to focus on the acting of The Lion King play. First of all the scripts for each scene were given out and we got into groups to practise.

Ellejah and Jaion practising their script.

Libby, Subhaan, Jessica and Joe really got into their script with some great actions.

These girls were concentrating very hard to learn their words.

After only a short time of practising, each group then performed their scene to the rest of the group. This gave us a good idea of how the finished show will look.

Kye, Bronson and Taye did a great job of performing Act 1.

Act 2 was performed by Libby, Subhaan, Jessica and Joe.

Macie and Fydel were excellent as Simba and Scar in Act 3.

There was some excellent acting in the next scene by Tianna, Ellejah and Jaion.

Kye, Taye and Bronson were very busy today as they joined Ronnie to perform Act 6.

The next act was performed by Kadence, Asam, Zain and Ellejah. They were very dramatic!

A very busy Tianna and Libby  became Timon and Pumba when they joined Faye and Thomas to perform the next act.

Izzie, Martyna and Sophie worked hard together to perform Act 10.

Last but not least, Chloe, Zunaira, Gracie and Aleesha performed the final scene.

Well done to everyone today. You all worked very hard. When you get your scripts next week, don't forget to keep practising!

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