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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

First Auditions

Miss Bowkett and Miss McGeary have just launched a new Musical Theatre project which will run in school every Friday afternoon until the end of term. The project is aimed at children in years 3,4 and 5 and is going to be lots of fun! Each week we will work on singing, dancing and acting and, at the end of the project, we will put on a fantastic show for parents and friends.

Last Friday saw 93 children audition for just 30 places in the project. The first round of auditions involved children being put into mixed groups and set a challenge. Each group was given the line "we can't leave until we've found it" and were asked to decide upon a scenario and act it out together. In this part of the audition, Miss Bowkett and Miss McGeary were looking for a number of skills, including:

-acting skills
-ability to work with others

Here are some pictures of some of the fantastic acts that were performed.

These children were imagining that they were looking for a lost animal.

These girls decided to base their scenario around the dentists.

This group decided that the lost item was a jumper and they acted out how they would find it.

These children showed some great expression when they unexpectedly found a missing body!

Miss Bowkett and Miss McGeary were overwhelmed by the amount of talent and enthusiasm shown by everyone and would like to thank everybody who took part. Narrowing so many talented children down to just 30 places is not proving to be an easy task so we have decided to hold a second audition for some children this Friday.

Well done to these children who got through to the second audition. Please remember to come on Friday and be prepared to sing to us.

Joseph, Bronson, Dylan, Subhaan, Darnell

Tegan, Olivia, Macie, Leo, Fydel, Kashish

April, Keeley, Alfie, Shona

Izzie, Vincent, Corey, Lavell, Paige, Courtney


Tegan, Jessica, Faye, Lily, Thomas, Kadence, Libby, Shenae, Sophie, Zunaira

Aleesha, McKenzie, Zain, Ronnie, Ben

Jack, Chloe, Abdullahi, Asam, Kye, Ellejah

Gracie, Tianna, Jaion, Ayesha

Once again, a big thank you and well done to everyone who took part in the first auditions. We look forward to hearing some of your beautiful singing voices on Friday. Keep watching this blog to find out who will be the chosen 30 children!